Career As Boat Mechanic

The skills of boat mechanic will be classified as specialized skill due to limited number of people is excelling in these. These skills are unusual of set of skills which can be acquired with conventional plus non-conventional education. The Areas lying near the seas or major rives, will be concentrated with Bot mechanic. Boat Mechanic can excel their and upgraded their skills for ships & cruise also. In vocational jobs, Boat mechanic have more detail education qualifications. Good thing about this job that boat mechanic can travel to different locations for the sake their jobs and sometime face challenging real-time scenarios for timely completion of their jobs.

Boat mechanic job doesn’t sound fancy in front of hi-fi technical jobs but it has its importance in niche category. As this job, cannot be performed by simple technician or even engineers. The specialize skills are seems as craftsmanship in terms of boat

Jobs & Tasks Performed by Boat Mechanic;

  • Check Motor performance while it’s in start mode. Observations will be made for smoke, extraordinary vibrations etc.
  • Document the performance of motor and each periodic inspection should be documented. Documents should be maintained for any future reference.
  • Conduct operational test of Engine motors by mounting it on different boats. The motor will be tested on various speeds for its endurance and efficiency. Also dissemble motors and look for faulty parts. Repair of defective parts or replacement
  • Repair boat’s mechanical equipment also like pumps, power take-off. Knowledge in repairing of engine is also a must
  • Carry out routine maintenance of engine. For example Oil change and filter
  • Replace worn out or damaged parts of engine or body, like spark plugs, piston rings or pumps
  • Inspection of propeller and its shafts. Carry out the replacement of defective parts
  • Adjustment and tuning of carburetor. Dissembling the carburetor to check out any defective parts or placement of new parts
  • Complete inspection of generator and wiring. Ensure the safety of wiring to avoid any fire causing short circuit
  • Procurement of mechanical and electrical components of boat

To become boat mechanic, an associate degree can take up to two year. Initial knowledge about the field can also be gain by short term training, workshops or certifications. But License can be issue after acquiring the associate degree.

The earning of boat mechanic varies as per their region or their specialty in the boat types. But the median salary earned by Boa mechanic is around $ 36,000 per annum. But lower 20% of all boat mechanics earns around @ 22,000 to $ 28,000.

The boat mechanic can also chose to alternate career in their later time. The alternate career can be diesel service technician or automotive service technician. Another handy thing about this occupation, which can take up their assignment off work, can work as free-lancer and even 20% of boat mechanic are self-employed. The boost in earning of boat mechanic is directly related to their clientele, certifications acquired and also licensing for specific category of marine vessels.